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**PROGRAM UPDATE** - The Education Research Symposium scheduled for the morning of March 5 has been cancelled and will be rescheduled. The Education Congress on March 5-6 will be held as scheduled.

* This Week's Update (3-2-15) -  Gov. Wolf prepared to unveil first state budget proposal; Campaign for Fair Education Funding releases school funding formula plan

* NEW! Proposed 2015-16 State Budget - Click here for updates on Gov. Wolf's proposed state budget.

Joint Statement:: "General Assembly Must Support Budget with Adequate School Funding" (3-3-15)


Publications & Information...

* Report: Continued Cuts - The PASA-PASBO Report on School District Budgets (January 2015) finds continuing cuts in programs, staff.  Click here (pdf ) to read the press release.  Click here (pdf) to read the report.

* PASA/PASBO presentation (pdf) before the Basic Education Funding Commission  on Aug. 20

* FYI - Other documents and issues for your review - Click here

* The PASA Flyer - online newsletter (archives) - Click here



* Campaign for Fair Education Funding - Join PASA, other education associations, and more than 40 other organizations from across Pennsylvania in a new statewide initiative committed to fundamentally changing the way that Pennsylvania funds its public schools. Click here for more information.

* Most recent testimony, position papers and letters:

* Testimony (pdf): Keystone Exams and Graduation (2-12-15)

* Testimony (pdf): Academic Standards Commission (2-12-15)

Click here for the Issues Archive.

Click here for the weekly Education Update Archive.


Announcements, Meetings & Reminders...

* Resolutions Revision: The process for revising the PASA Resolutions is ongoing. Click here to read more.

* 2015 PASA Election: Nominations/applications for PASA officers (President, Treasurer) are due by March 20. Click on the link for information.

* Women's Caucus Awards: The Women's Caucus is seeking nominees for two awards: The Wanda McDaniel Award and the Margaret Smith Leadership Award. Click here for information. Deadline: Feb. 27.

* Why join PASA? Check out the video.

* Upcoming meetings:  PLUS Caucus of PASA meeting (March 10), Women's Caucus Board meeting (March 24)


Professional Development Opportunities...

* Click here for an overview of PASA's Professional Development Program for school administrators.  Upcoming programs include:


  * Click here for a complete list of workshops and programs.

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3/5-6- Education Congress (Harrisburg)

3/10 - PLUS Caucus of PASA meeting (PASA office)

3/19 - Commonwealth Budget Seminar (Mars)

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